January Blues

Last month was a fashion whirlwind; starting with the retail rush, plus the increased focus on your Christmas fashion choices throughout the festive party season and the New Year’s celebrations. So, where do you now look for January fashion inspiration?
The January Blues are upon many of us, as our social life takes a dip, the days are dark and cold, and our wardrobes are in desperate need of some excitement and colour.  
Splashes of bright primary colours will throw the winter’s dreary tones into submission, and you can stand out by clashing some of Of The Realm’s leather bold hues.

 If you’re feeling bold this January, why not try a vibrant shade of red to accompany your January wardrobe? With Valentines day right around the corner it’s the perfect investment piece and jacket for your date night!

You can take the month literally and wear your wardrobe in its own shade. Don’t fear, with our electric hues, blue isthe last thing you’ll be feeling once you slip this on for size.

 If bright jackets aren’t your cup of tea, try a neutral leather and team with a brightly coloured trouser or perhaps your accessories. It’s your style, and you can really play around with colour this season! Who said Winter had to be dreary!